I am Yvonne's broken heart.

“The sadness will last forever.”

you must know, i want the same world as you do, the better one. and the only way to build it is  t o g e t h e r.  we do greater things when we act as one, when we trust each other as  e q u a l s.

this is not a coronation for a king. it is for a  k i n g  and  q u e e n

It is a tradition.


Backstage at the 1954 Pierre Balmain Couture show. Photos by Mark Shaw.


emma swan meme: ten relationships

[9|10] Neal; the one who made her happy; the one who put her happiness over his own; the one who chose to die to get her home.

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We are all the pieces of what we remember.
                        We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears
                                             of those who love us.
                        As long as there is love and memory,
                                                    there is no true loss.”